Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Battle Ready bases review

Hey! Recently I bought a pack of battle ready cobblestone bases for my Haqqislam army for Infinity.
This will be the first time I've done one of these and will go on a scale of 1-10 for the whole product and explain my reasoning.

Here is how they look straight out of the package, minimal amount of flash and other molding issues.
After a quick filing and clipping some of the bigger pieces I rinsed them in soap and water.

The details are very good with no bubbling or warping.

Over all for $8.50 USD for 10 they are easily worth it in my eyes.

I would give them a 8/10.

I decided to do a quick painting tutorial too :D.

After a quick cleaning and washing I started with Vallejo Model Air Grey primer. After laying down a solid coast of that I hit it with VMA sand.

Once that dried, I washed it with watered down Model color black. To shade the cobblestones and add depth.

After that had dried I washed it with some Brown vallejo paint that has the label ripped off. Just use whatever brown or reddish brown you have. Ogryn flesh from GW will work.
This is to add color variation and make it almost like mosaic looking *shrug*.

After THAT had dried I over brushed the stones (its like drybrushing but the paints wet ?_?) with Vallejo sand and some GW kommando khaki. Try to use this to reduce the colors before that didn't make it into the cracks.

While I didn't get a picture of it I washed the rubble/sand parts then over brushed it with VMA U.S.A grey then 50/50 with VMA white to highlight it.

Over all they turned out pretty good in my opinion.

Heres a shot of my Jannissary heavy infantry on one of the bases. I'll take better pictures of the model itself in my light box later.

(Not pictured I painted the rim with VMA black, I know its super important but I couldn't get the lighting right to show how important it is).

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Infinity the game

Lately I've been addicted to infinity and it wont stop.

I played the game actively a while ago and.got sucked into Warmachine and it's competitive nature winning a few tournies and such, but got quickly burnt out on the all competitive all the time approach.

6th ed 40k came out and with it I hoped everyone would stop taking the game so seriously.


I got a few hundred points of eldar to pretty much say goodbye to 40k as I was tired of its horrible rules and such.

So taking stock of what else I have I noticed my Panoceania army on its corks sitting there staring at me so I decided to jump into infinity again.

Im not coming out of it.

With the help of a Yu-jing player near my gaming place and a few willing people we now have a growing community and things look up.

Now this all leads up to this, I am changing (heavily) what I will be posting.

This will include more video content, infinity content and painting lots more painting. I have been planning this for a while now and have everything ready for painting tutorials and such.

My co authors will probably keep posting the normal stuff however. So do not let this discourage you from reading.

Also expect more frequent posts and such.

I encourage everyone to try Infinity out at least once and just expand their horizons.