Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday night gaming wrap up and 1k views!

So! We finally got 1k views!!!!! I'ts probably not that huge of an achievement to some people, but hey what ever.

Some friggen awesome music

So thursday gaming ended up with.
tyler playing joe for practice for The Dark Star.

Tyler ran his normal IG 1850, joe ran some crazy nids list.
Tyler won

Then joe wanted to play me. My list was my mainstay at 1850 that i have posted all over.

His was like:
Hive guardx3
Parasite and some shrikes
Doom in pod
3x zoanthropes
Some gaunts (a bunch were outflanking)

We got Spear head capture and control

I got first and deployed in a huge scantilly clad spear head.

He got scared and only deployed the zoies and mawlock...bad choice bro.

I vaporized the mawlock, and killed all but one zoie.

I then moved midfield away from the corner edges, and put my scoring in the center of my fleet as to bubble wrap them.

And then it went downhill for him, getting poor reserve rolls and me just going VAWAAAMP with poison shots and lances and just annihilating his stuff...

At the end of the day I lost two wyches and had an immobilized raider, whilst he was tabled.

In hobby news, tyler finally paid me and i can order the rest of my DE.

So our plan is to take a picture of what we want to finish at the beginning of the week, then at the end post pictures of what we DID finish.

Thats all for today, I feel this was a pretty lame post but I have a ton of homework and painting to


Sunday, September 25, 2011

Apoc game

Went to an apocalypse game saturday, lots of rules lawyering and complicated rules, going with untidy model movement made it not as enjoyable as should be.

I brought my deathwing and storm uses my DE.

Some pics

There's storm

Hammers ftw

Stealers ftl

Hammers ftw


-I'm out

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday gaming wrap up

Well I went to Fantasy Flight games event center tonight to play some friends.
Games went:
1850 DEvsNids
He had, 3 trygons
Buncha gaunts
2squads of stealers
Doom in pod
4 hive guard
I ran my dark star 1850 GT list
Game kinda went
trygon dead
Hive guard dead
Trygon dead
Hive guard dead
Lose one venom to stealers
Kll stealers
Kill gaunt mass
Kill tervigon
Gaunts all run away
Then an 1850 game vs tyler (royalfork) steel legion IG
He had, CCS plasma
3x 3 melta vets
3x 3 plasma vets with missile launcher
The CCS and plas have chimeras
3 vendettas
2 hydras
Game went
He blows 2 raiders
Ravager dies
2 venoms die
I do nothing
Some more vehicles die
Then I turned it up and blew away a ton of stuff and it slid downhill from their for him as 3 wyches killed 20 guardsmen, manticore, and a chimera!!!
Over all pretty good night, and starting to learn my DE better

Monday, September 19, 2011

Ardddddd booooyzzzz

So I made it to the semis on my first try :D
It was pretty sweet, and sorry it took me so long to do this its on my i pod.

First opponent:
He took first
His son plays DE so he knows what to do...


His deployment

My deployment

Fail seize fml

He shoots manticore at clump of raider (right)

Explodes one

Kills 2

Explodes another
Kills 2

Immob other

Incubi raider survived

Hell hounds second squad kills 6

Stuns ravager with chimera

Executioner blows right lance off ravager

Explodes Wych raider

Ratlings kill one Wych

My turn

Kill chimera with trueborn
3 die

Other trueborn
Wreck vendetta

Venom into guard squad
They have a 2+ cover so I Just concede as this is ridiculous and kind of makes me hate my life >_<

He gets full points because he deserved it.

We ended up playing it out and I got tabled turn 4

Round 2

I GOT A BYE! yay army pics

Yeah theres a F***ing trench for the guard guy to hump...

I think that guy on the left was hulksmash

I was salivating wanting to play this dude....

Only real d bags hide manticores behind mushroom clouds...

Slow play anyone?

This guy was cool

Playing tau because he was open

1500 points

No list for him

Blaster born x4 x2
in venoms

3x warrior squads blaster venom

Wyches hekanizer razorflails raider




Capture an control
Pitched battle

My deployment

Me first

His deployment

My movement

Kill shield drone with 5 venoms
On broadside

Kill 2 suits with other stuff (broad sides)
They run off Board

Razorwing shoots suits on left
And wounds one
They run off board

His movement:

His shooting:
Venom (tan) 2 marker lights

Hammer head solid shots ravager

And does immobilized to it

6 marker lights on my razorwing


Wyches disembark


Hammer head gets lanced explodes

Venom kills 2 FW

Kill 3 -.-

He hits back and does nothing
They stay!



Moves d fish up



FW into bone venom

His assault, I kill FW
consolidate 1

My movement :

Kill two drones

Kill 4 FW from venom

Assault his DF
Dischargers kill one
Stun it


His turn

Marker lights on ravager
Fire warriors
I save it

My wyches
Wreck d fish


My turn 4


Shooting he saves Dfish

4 splinters into FW
Wiped out

Wyches run 5

Assault FW
I catch them

His turn bottom 4
His movement

His shooting kills razorwing with FW

My turn:

Set up for contests

Trueborn kills themselves and runs way >_<

Killed devil fish

Killed fire warior squad


Great opponent, fairly new but I
Think he knew what he was doing.

I buy an Arnold Palmer and enjoy it quietly...mhmhmh yum...


Playing nids

My deployment

His deployment:

Kinda castling my flotilla

My movement:


2 wounds to tyrant

I kill one hive guard brood (this game made me realize how much i can shoot)

his reserves:
He gets
Gaunts in pod

His movement:

Stealers run

Zoies warp blast ravager

Trygon nukes Wych raider

Spore immos black venom

Devil gaunts wreck blaster bron venom

We got table quarters for the random mission.

My movement:
I shuffle so he can't assault

Uh I kill spore minex2
Blast devilgaunts with monoscythes
Assault trygon
Assault stealers
Assault zoies

His turn
He gets Trygons

He spawns 11 gaunts


Trygon does nothing to incubi raider

Blows venom with hive guard

Fleets stealers 2

Alright my notes decided to delete them selves and I don't have pics so.

I vaporized/poisoned one trygon, incubied another to little bitz, got charged by stealers on a combined Wych/haemie/incubi/duke siliscus squad and chopped them to bits.

I flew a raider over to his quarter and it got owned because I rolled 3 1s for saves

I blew away the rest of his gaunts in assault, and the rest in shooting.

Tervigon charged a squad and died too.

He ended up with a minor victory because for some reason I can't remember i have vehicles.

Great day in all (other then almost getting killed walking to the mcdonalds across the street -.-).

I found when i really try, I don't even joke with my opponents and enter this weird "death check list" of what needs to die horribly. It's quite effective, I also learned to hate guard!!!!!

And last thing, with my DE I need to play to kill stuff not for the missions most of the time i found. It really changes my view on the game.

Thanks to Jeff for letting me borrow his DE crap so I could actually play!

Lists will be posted later

-I'm out