Saturday, September 3, 2011

Team tourney report!

AWW YEAH DAFT PUNKKKKKK <------------- win

Well me and Tyler (royal fork) here went to "Tower Games" in Minneapolis. For a team tourney we both brought deathwing.

First impression was ZO MAI GAR WHERE ISt THAU TERRAIN????????? They had 0 yes 0 LOSB (well almost 0) pieces of terrain except a few bastions! No wonder razor spam is so good!

heres our armies, tylers is the unpainted mess on the left >_< jk man.

Here is a eldar/necron coalition.

Our first mission was:
KP (mark an opposing opponents 1k list all those count as KP, they chose tyler).
table quarters

Here is our board... you can draw LOS to pretty much everywhere.

Their lists were:
libby fear/shield
sang priest combi melta/PW
assault squad(6) melta/PW las plas
assault squad(8) melta/TH rhino
2x vindies dozer blades
'Nilla rines: captain relic blade/storm bolter
command squad drop pod 1x flamer 2x melta 1x plasma
tac squad 9 plasma cannon rhino
dread lascannon missiles
dread lascannon
vindi siege shield

Here is our deployment, we have 2 terminator squads in reserve to deep strike mid table

Here is their deployment, oh and btw THEY STOLE THE INITIATIVE!

Their first turn movement/reserves.
Their resulting shooting killed 2 termies at max.

Our movement we set up multiple kill zones IE: the center.

Our shooting popped a vindi, messed up another one and blew up a lasplas.
This is me going HAI GUYS...well terminator style to the command squad...i took like one wound and wiped the squad.

Bottom of our 1 (drop pod squad hadnt died yet)

Horribly blury pic of their movement.
They knocked out a few naters

Our turn we moved towards the vindi and the other ultramarine vindi in the top right, tyler also moved towards their rhino whilst my far right squad moved up towards the objective in the minefield up ahead.
In shooting i stunnded the vindi (purple on the left, the other purple one got wrecked by a sneaky ass land speeder >_<)

After getting around 20 str8 auto hits on the vindi (purpz) it exploded, the vindi in the top pic will also shortly be destroyed.

His movement he moved the libby assault squad rhino up into our kill box and the baal is in the process of flaming the squad on the left.

tyler lost one man from the baal.

Now our movement we encircled the rhino there. and if you click the pic you can see some terminators to the far right by the tree thing, yeah they killed the baal :D 47 inches away :D.

We promptly revved our chain fists and went to town on the rhino.

Tyler also nuked the rhino on the far left of the board (they guys havent been put into the wreck yet)

(the rhino guys got pinned, one of his dreads got nuked and tylers squad that previously killed the rhino was wiped), so i moved my squad in for support. Tyler assaulted the pinned squad losing 2 naters and killing everyone -the sang priest.

This is before tylers lone termie (and my guys moving through that building) died.

CC on going

I assaulted and killed the tac squad, and moved my naters onto the objective.

I then proceded to nuke the assault squad with kraks, and kill the other dread. The nilla guys speeder was owned by tylers. resulting in their tabling, these guys were great opponents and had horrid rolling it was a really fun game.

Game two:
table quarters
I dont have their lists :/
one was lash with plagues and a sorc in a rhino
6 oblits
other was like
sanguinor (the pedophile priest)
assault squad
2 furiosos
storm raven

Our deployment, check out all that terrain eh! (btw i will now refer to all my awkward poses i have to get into to take pictures like this as..hrm...psycho illicit image capturing! or piic from now on...

This was their deployment, once again totally balanced terrain eh?


every day im shuffling, we nuked the ravens guns off (- the missiles) its a PIIC again >_<

His movement ?.?

Moving up

We moved up and such

Alright so we got into assault with the sanguinor lost some naters and it started going down hill.

No more pics :?, but we essentially tied primary and lost the other two because to capture quarters you needed both coalitions troops. Awesome opponents very close game and just great.

Now for my rant aww yeah!

-rant deleted so no one kills themself-

The last game was pretty fun eldar/DE coalition, men got angry fun times !

Oh yeah just to brighten the mood we had a necron guy tell us that he played heavily in tournies and was thinking of moving to like california or something so he can "teach these space marine kids that necrons are the best dex".

tally ho

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