Friday, September 30, 2011

Thursday night gaming wrap up and 1k views!

So! We finally got 1k views!!!!! I'ts probably not that huge of an achievement to some people, but hey what ever.

Some friggen awesome music

So thursday gaming ended up with.
tyler playing joe for practice for The Dark Star.

Tyler ran his normal IG 1850, joe ran some crazy nids list.
Tyler won

Then joe wanted to play me. My list was my mainstay at 1850 that i have posted all over.

His was like:
Hive guardx3
Parasite and some shrikes
Doom in pod
3x zoanthropes
Some gaunts (a bunch were outflanking)

We got Spear head capture and control

I got first and deployed in a huge scantilly clad spear head.

He got scared and only deployed the zoies and mawlock...bad choice bro.

I vaporized the mawlock, and killed all but one zoie.

I then moved midfield away from the corner edges, and put my scoring in the center of my fleet as to bubble wrap them.

And then it went downhill for him, getting poor reserve rolls and me just going VAWAAAMP with poison shots and lances and just annihilating his stuff...

At the end of the day I lost two wyches and had an immobilized raider, whilst he was tabled.

In hobby news, tyler finally paid me and i can order the rest of my DE.

So our plan is to take a picture of what we want to finish at the beginning of the week, then at the end post pictures of what we DID finish.

Thats all for today, I feel this was a pretty lame post but I have a ton of homework and painting to


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