Monday, September 5, 2011

Plans for future bat reps

Well I've noticed my battle reports currently lack...well cohesion and explanation for certain things.

So my new lay out will probably be:

Mission type/deployment

Army list
Army list

Board shot

Deployment picture
Why I deployed where

Movement picture
Why I did that and explanation of what happened

Shooting explanation/ why I targeted that

Assault movement picture
Assault move explanation

Assault round up picture
Assault round up explanation

Turn end overall picture

Enemy movement picture
My thoughts on how to counter it

Enemy shooting explanation
What paper air planes he exploded and what poor naked wyches were gunned down

Assault move picture
My thoughts on how the assaults will go

Assault round up picture
Explanation of WTF died

Overall picture
And next turn thoughts

Does that sound like a good way to do things?

I'm also working on some "gorilla glue craters" that I heard about on a pod cast (the over lords) I'll probably have pics posted tomorrow after school before I ignore my current commission and play SPEHS MEHWEENS!!!!!!!!!

I am so pumped.

-I'm out

Location:My house in my bed with my cat on my chest!

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