Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thursday gaming wrap up

Well I went to Fantasy Flight games event center tonight to play some friends.
Games went:
1850 DEvsNids
He had, 3 trygons
Buncha gaunts
2squads of stealers
Doom in pod
4 hive guard
I ran my dark star 1850 GT list
Game kinda went
trygon dead
Hive guard dead
Trygon dead
Hive guard dead
Lose one venom to stealers
Kll stealers
Kill gaunt mass
Kill tervigon
Gaunts all run away
Then an 1850 game vs tyler (royalfork) steel legion IG
He had, CCS plasma
3x 3 melta vets
3x 3 plasma vets with missile launcher
The CCS and plas have chimeras
3 vendettas
2 hydras
Game went
He blows 2 raiders
Ravager dies
2 venoms die
I do nothing
Some more vehicles die
Then I turned it up and blew away a ton of stuff and it slid downhill from their for him as 3 wyches killed 20 guardsmen, manticore, and a chimera!!!
Over all pretty good night, and starting to learn my DE better

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  1. Yes, that game was very sad. It just goes to show that you cannot draw conclusions on who is going to win or loose early on.