Friday, September 16, 2011

Ard BOIZ list

Music :D, not as good as the previous one but still

Well here is my list for ard boiz, it's a random collection of stuff I'm borrowing and some of my own. IMO it's pretty good, DE suffer at higher levels though.

I would like anoter blasterborn squad but alas the model count restricts me.

I'm actually surprised I got into the semis on my first try, and am
Mainly going to have fun and get experience with DE because im coming from a all terminator army! So it's hard to have whole squads exploded by heavy bolters >_<

Haemie liquifier
Haemie liquifier
Haemie, shatter shard.


Incubi, 7
Raider, FF, shock
Prow and aether sails

2x 4 suicide blasterborn suicide squads in double splinta cannon venoms

3G 9 wyches, hydra knives, agonizer
Raider, hock prow aether and FF

3x blaster warrior squads in venoms with dual splinta cannons

Razorwing (<3 hatas gunna hate)
Monoscythes, FF, night shields

Ravager, FF X2

Oh yeah and Lolz right after my post about the tantulus forge worlds like HUR HERE YA GUYS GO, release date, price and when the rules will come out!

I'm buying one instead of the scorpion type 2 I was planning on buying.

BTW don't google try hard (I was looking for a pic for this post because that's what ard BOIZ is) and if you do dont click on the pic of the chick in a bikini...its a dude...

-I'm out

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