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Finished Khador Wardog

I paint to whatever quality I want.

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Batrep IG vs CSM 1850 (very good game)

Bat Rep: IG vs CSM 1850

So this week Tyler and I decided to play another game for our league. The rules are all the same, it just that we have 3 objectives, and you can get up to 26 points a game, 72 a week. Now I’m stuck at 10pts from week one cause I only played one game that I lost, but this week was a bit different. So as the title stated it was my Chaos Space Marines vs. Tyler’s Imperial Guard. Here are the lists:

2x Daemon Prince w/ Wings, MoS, Lash
10 CSM, 2 Melta Guns, IoCG, Champ w/ PW in Rhino
9 KB, Champ w/ Fist, Rhino
7 PM, 2 Plasma Guns, Champ w/ Fist, Rhino
8 NM, 7 Sonic Blasters, Champ w/ PW and Doom Siren, Rhino
Vindicator w/ Daemonic Possession
Defiler w/ 2 Extra DCCW
3 Oblits


Company Command: Missile launcher, x2 plasma gun, Master of Ordnance, Officer of the Fleet, Astropath Chimera
x3 Veteran Squad x3 Meta Guns
x2 Veteran Squad x2 meltaguns, x1 Hvy. Flamer, x1 Missile launcher
x2 Manticore
x2 Hydra flak battery

The primary objective was Seize Ground, as was the secondary, and the tertiary was to kill the most expensive unit of your opponents. Deployment was the ever exciting Pitched Battle. Now I (billie_joe) won the roll off and choose to go second (first /facepalm). Tyler chose the south side of the board. He placed his objective in the ruins in the center of his deployment zone, with a Chimera on either side of it. To his right flank he placed his 2 Hydras, 2 Manticores, and Company Command squad in Chimera (his highest point unit). The Vendettas were spread out semi-evenly across the board.
I then deployed my Noise Marines and Plague Marines with my Oblits in the opposite ruins, also where I placed my objective. Then I lined up my Defiler and Vindie with my CSM and KB in their Rhinos in between them with my DPs behind the Vindie and Defi. I was only really worried about the fact that he had better range on me and that I couldn’t hide in a corner, so I thought that I could split his fire and thus his army in two. Alas, I f***ed up.

Tyler’s Deployment:

My Deployment:

Turn 1:
As soon as Tyler made his scout moves I realized I had messed up, and at that point just hoped for the best. Two of his Vendettas move up and Melta Vets disembark. First they targeted the Defiler, which they destroyed with ease but who’s explosion burned two of them. He then opens up with the second Vets, but only managed to blow off the Cannon. The CSM were left standing in the open from one Vendetta, and lost one member of their squad in the explosion (“I don’t bout you, but I’m calling one eighthundred axe Gary”), and the KB were left with a Stunned Crew. Then with the Defiler gone, my central DP was wide open to fire. First he lost 2 wounds from the last Vendetta that had moved back behind a tower (to hide from my Oblits), then went down to a hail of Heavy Bolter fire from a combined 2 Chimeras (each with 2 HB). Oh but the fun didn’t stop there. The Hydras managed to wound an Oblit. Then the Manticores opened up on my Noise Marine Rhino. The first one blew it up (of course, this kid was rolling 6’s on all but one Pen), but then missed with the second. This is my decimated front after half a turn.

Bottom of Turn 1:

So…I didn’t know what the hell to do, but I had to make something out of it; and kinda did. First my NM “Rhino-jacked” (I’m coining it) the PM who scurry deeper into the ruins while the Oblits re-align themselves on the second floor. Meanwhile I maneuvered my Vindie up behind the wall, disembarked my KB who moved up a bit by the Vendetta on my left flank. The CSM also moved up around the Vendetta in the center, and the DP flew over the wall and ran 1” to hid behind a cluster of rocks on my far left flank. The only thing I did in the shooting phase was pop a Chimera to the right of Tyler’s ruin. Then I got to work my magic in the assault phase. I assaulted the Vendetta to my left with my KB, getting into base contact with the Vets along the way. My CSM managed to do the same by assaulting the Vet squad but hitting the Vendetta with most of the squad. The KB only swing with 8 attacks against the Vets and kill 3, who respond by killing 1 KB, and hold. The rest of the squad fail to do ANYTHING to the Vendetta. Meanwhile the CSM also kill 3 Vets, take no wounds, and also wiff against the Vendetta with 7 grenade attacks. Oddly these vets also held, fortunately for me.

End of Turn 1:

Turn 2:
With both Vet squads still locked in assault Tyler first moves both Vendettas back out of assault. He then opens up with the Company Command in their Chimera. Two Heavy Bolters, 2 rapid firing Plasma Guns, all fail to wound, and actually kill one gunner from over-heating. One Vendetta opens up on the DP as well, but also fails to wound him thanks to a roll of a 5. The Vet Chimera in the Ruin lights him up as well, tacking on a wound from the dual HB, but rolled a 1 to wound with the missile launcher. Then one Vendetta opens up with three Lascannons on my Oblits. All three hit…and wound…and I fail all three cover saves. The Manticores again fire at my embarked NM, and just like turn 1 they blow it up, this time killing 2 NM. Meanwhile the Hydras take out a PM. Then in assault both Vet squads are wiped off the board.

Mid Turn 2:

Now all my troops are stuck in the open. I have absolutely nothing that can shoot over 24”, 1 transport, and slowly less and less anti-tank anything. But you gotta do what you gotta do. So my Vindie rams his Vet Chimera and surprisingly blows it up, killing 2 in the wreckage and being immobilized in return. KB run over toward the Command Chimera, the CSM “Rhino-jack” the KB Rhino and move to mid-field. NM shuffle around, and the PM scatter around as well. I pop smoke on both my Vindie and Rhino. Then I assault the Hydras with my DP, blowing both of them up, and killing another 2 Vets in the explosion. So while my troops were slowly dwindling I was closing the gap between me and the remaining troops.

End of Turn 2

Turn 3:
Tyler didn’t really move anything at all, just focused on shooting. One Vendetta lights up the Rhino but I passed both cover saves. The DP takes another wound from a Missile. Then the Command Chimera takes out 3 KB, 1 from Plasma and 2 from the HB, and 2 NM were taken out by a Vendetta after going to ground.

In my movement I shot the CSM up and out right by the Vendetta. The DP jumped behind the tower and next to a Manticore while the last 4 KB close in on the Command Chimera. Even though I got within metal range I only manage to shake the Vendetta, and do the same with my Plasma guns to the other one on my far right flank. I charge 1 Manticore with the DP and manage to wreck it and then blow up the Command Chimera who’s flaming debris take out 1 KB and 5 members of the squad inside! Slowly everything is coming together, but both of us were still uncertain about the outcome.

End of turn 3

Turn 4:
With all my CSM bunched up all nice and tight Tyler decided to move up with his Vet squad and threw down a Heavy Flamer down on ‘em, killing 4! One Vendetta drops the last DP to 0 wounds, and the last Manticore uses its last shot to take out 1 NM.

Mid Turn 4

One my turn I shuffle the PM around and shake the closest Vendetta. The KB charge in and take out the remaining Command unit, and the CSM charge in to kill off 4 Vets, leaving 2 who…you guessed it, hold on a roll of a 2.

End of Turn 4

Turn 5:
With hardly ANYTHING left on the board, and this possibly being the last turn things got, well…interesting. Tyler moved up his last Vendetta with embarked Vets and dropped them off right in front of my NM. The Vendetta targeted a PM, whipping him off, and the Vets whipped out the last remaining NM. In return my CSM squad bust through the ruins to contest and possible control Tyler’s objective; as does their jacked Rhino, who shoots down 2 Vets. I manage to move my PM all the way down the ruins they’re in but hold off on firing. In the ensuing assault phase the PM charge one unit of Vets and the remaining CSM follow suit. The PM manage to cause the vets to run but over run them and consolidate onto my objective. Meanwhile the CSM clear house on the other Vet squad but are only contesting Tyler’s objective due to the contesting Manticore. However if it ended here I’d be just fine.

Tyler rolls a 2. YEAH BUDDY!!

In Conclusion:
In the end I held one objective (the Vendetta was just over 3” away) while Tyler only contested one. So I got both primary and secondary objectives. We tied on the third, and so split the points on that. This means I got 23 BP while he got 3. I scored 11 KP and 1210 VP and he scored 8 KP and 1040 VP. Overall a close game, and good one at that. One of the best games I’ve played in quite awhile.

1850 DE vs chaos

Yeah I lost, finally.

His list:
2 Slaan DP, 2 7 man PM squads, dual Plasma, Fist, 8 KB w/ fist, 10 csm, dual melta, champ w/ pw, IoCG, 6 Oblits, 3 Termies, 2 combi meltas

spear head
capture and control
Head hunter
And have more troops alive at end of game

I win first
Drugs are 3d6 run

My list is:
Haemie liquifier

2x 3x blasterborn in venoms

4x warrior squads blasters and venoms

wracks venom (4 wracks)

19x hellions with helliarch with agonizer


Board shot
My deploy
His deploy
my 1, 
I flat out. One hellion is too hyped on combat drugs and goes into the river and dies to sea bass
His 1, He sits tight

My 2, 
Ravager gets immobilised, and the pilot is sacrificed for it   Rhino is glanced by dark glance but is cover saved
His 2, 
He gets a prince, zerkers and chaos marines   His prince falls into a wall like a retard, but his shield saves him

my 3, 

Prince dies to splinter fire (3 venoms)Nothing else

his 3, 
He gets everything   termies miss hap and die :/
His lashes hellions 10
Pops smoke on rhinos

He plasma cannons 7 hellions then 5 more
He stunned a trueborn venom

my 4,
I kill 5/6 oblits and the DP

His 4,

He exploded a true born venom
our game froze XD
We un froze it

My 5,
I kill the chaos squad, oblit and a rhino. And miss all lances on the zerker rhino

His 5
He shuffles abit

Game ends like a bawse
He gets primary

lol I lost

Uh post game thoughts for me:
I moved midfield (its like 11 o'clock when we played this so dont judge me) and...well...sat there for way to long and forgot what turn it was XD.

Simple mistake really, I got Tert and Sec but still Should have just camped in my corner saying come get some.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

1850 DEvsNIds Batrep (video)!

Well heres our first video battle report! Hope you enjoy! CC welcome.

(this was a league game, my 3rd full BP win in a row putting me ahead of everyone by a massive amount XD)

My thoughts on the game:

Well, I had to be semi aggressive whilst keeping his close range shooting away.
So i deployed in a way that my hellions could jump out and make their way across the board near end game.

Shooting was just as effective as it usually is ahhaha. Poison eats those MC's alive, killing the hive guard with one venom seems to be a re occuring event when I play nids.

I knew I needed to get my hellions a 3rd token so they wouldnt get bogged down  by running away. The baron dying (he does it every time he has to take one -.-) was a set back, but having I6 to HnR is helpful!

I think I need more AT, which means probably dropping something for either, reavers with heat lance, or scourages with DL...even though I hate that unit haha.

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Unit of the week #3 Dark Eldar Trueborn

omfg! haha watching some show and this sasquatch commercial comes on and it shows some guy in like night vision and you hear AWHOOO or some weird sasquatchy noise, and hes just like "LOVELY"...Sorry thought I had to add that in,

*disclaimer* Im doing this from a competitive aspect. KthnxBai

So yeah trueborn, lets start with some +'s and -'s eh?

Lots of options
Fairly cheap
Sick looking :P

Some options are pitfalls
Can get expensive
Have some retarded builds you dont wanna use
Have the usual DE survivability

Now if blood brides are your veteran CC unit then the trueborn are your shooty veterans (for you noobie power armour kids out there, think sternguard).

Lets look at some of the options available for them!

(gets off couch to go to game room and get codex)

I will rate these 1-5, 1 being a horrendous choice IMO and 5 being Insta take.

Splinter pistol and CC weapon: 1
Remember them being shooty units?...Well they are...dont take it unless its for fun.

Shard carbine: 3
 Interesting choice, could be combined into a giant anti infantry killing machine if thrown into a large group with similar load out and the duke. Expensive

Shredder: 3
Cheap, short ranged anti infantry. I would take these only if the whole squad was armed with them and you were lacking Anti infantry in the rest of your list.

Blaster: 5
I love blasters, they kill everything! Great choice if given to a min squad and put into a venom very popular also. Only problem is the range but if your any good with DE it shouldnt be a problem.

Heavy weapons selection.

Splinter cannon: 3
Anti infantry again...would only take if your lacking in other places which would be rare in a DE army.
It also suggests static gameplay which is boring IMO.

Dark lance: 2
I know I know, lots of people like this option. I hate it, inspires static game play while pouring more points into a easy to kill squad. Sure you get 2 more lances but its more expensive then a ravager! (in certain builds of this unit)

Plasma grenades: 1
Why? Why would you take assault grenades on a shooty squad that you dont want in CC?

Hay wire grenades:2
The only reason I gave it a 2 is because of the visual of 5 trueborn rocking up in a venom, hopping out, blasting the tracks off a tank and running up to plant haywire grenades on it and blow it up. Wouldnt take these in a competitive game.

Character options:
5 points for one more attack? NO THANKS

Only viable option I could think of for taking him is for a blast pistol for just that one more blaster shot, but 20 points is steep.

I could see someone taking a raider only if they have enough AI in the rest of the army, I have an undenied love for venoms so I cant say much.

Cheap, shooty shooty shooty, and fast. I love venoms, they also look visualy cool as your trueborn should get their own pimpin ride. Almost always take one.

Now lets look at some common trueborn builds.

*insert weapon name* born:
These are usually 3-4x trueborn all armed with the same weapon, either shredders or blasters jammed into a venom and rocketed up the field to hop out/stay in and blast tanks. This is what I run, keep it cheap and it can add great amounts of AT or AI into your list. I prefer blasters but thats because I can never seem to kill tanks (except against space wolves,but thats because they deserve it)

Lance born:
3x trueborn with 2x dark lances in either a venom (if lacking AI) or raider to make a pseudo ravager. I dont like this build because I like moving fast, and it encourages static gameplay. (dumb Grey knights...)

Cannon born:
3x trueborn with 2x splinter cannons (dur). In a venom to complement their target range. Never seen these run as blaster born are more versatile.

Gun boat o' doom!:
9x trueborn in a raider all with shard carbines, and 2x splinter cannons. The raider has splinter racks and the squad is joined by...DA DUKE! Never seen this run before but thought it would be fun to run. Almost any infantry unit that comes in 18 inches of this stationary vehicle will probably die. (unless its wearing the Ward armour, oh I mean power armour :P)

Common tactics used with trueborn.

The poisoned tip:
This is a common tactic that I use. It involves your trueborn at the tip of your flotilla shielded by a horde of hellions (because their fun to use). It looks like this:

The wracks are in the very middle to zoom out and capture objectives, but thats for another time.

The trueborn venoms are the 2 in the very front so they can pick the prime targets (tanks). Once those are cracked open the rest of the fleet can draw LOS on the biologicals that spill out of the bawks and promptly gun them down.

Tips to using trueborn.
Always be open to versatility. I learned this from a recent tournament (which allowed me to win). If their is infantry that needs to die (scoring GK in my example) shoot them with blasters! Never be afraid to use them outside the box

Always use cover.
(should be obvious for DE but still) When you move your trueborn up to kill something, always consider what terrain is near by. If theres a ruin, make sure you can disembark 2 inches into the ruin WHEN your transport dies. If it explodes you dont have to worry haha.

Decide when to suicide.
Suiciding is (to me) going 12 inches hopping out and blasting something, only to promptly die to return fire as you left your invincible paper airplane. Consider ranges, I do this all game. Remember your blaster born have a 24 inch range with the venoms 6 inch move, you dont always have to suicide!

Thats all for now, im sick and really dont want to be typing this as before it deleted my entire post -.-.


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Hobby update, tau, axis zombie!

Skyrim: it's ridiculous...

Well, picked up 2 commissions in the last week. Tau and some nazis from dust!

Here's a finished axis zombie:

Sorry bout the bad pics I pod fail XD.

Gunna do a tutorial this week.

Also I joined a local 40k league, and tabled my first opponent and am 1st in the league XD.

Here's the full dust conmision:

2 light walkers
5 zombies
5 rifleman?
3 power armoured guys
3 bazooka guys

I'm out

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Unit Analysis: Noise Marines

Words Hurt Too – Part II

Right, so in the first part of this article “series” I discussed all the options that Noise Marines can take and what they really do. So for this part I’m going to cover their battlefield applications. Now I need to state that I’m not trying to convince anyone to play an all Noise Marine army, hell I don’t even do that. I’m writing this because I feel that Noise Marines are often overlooked and under-appreciated. So with that I shall start with some tactics.

Many people see Noise Marines as a singular purpose unit. What that means is that you either equip a Blastmaster and/or some Sonic Blasters and just sit back and shoot, or you do the other extreme with a Doom Siren and Power Weapon/Fist Champ and drive up into assault. While either load outs might work in their own right I feel like there should be a compromise, a middle ground. So I run mine as follows:

8 Noise Marines, 7 Sonic Blasters, Champion with Doom Siren and Power Weapon in Rhino – 275 pts

“Alright Dan, now that’s just stupid.” Yeah, I know it is. But you know what?... It works! No joke. I know the internets has its theories and that it’s all about list building, and if you use that school of thought, then yes this configuration makes no sense. And this is why the internets with all its beloved trolls are wrong, its all about how you run/utilize units. Especially this one.

Now let me explain before you all troll me, okay? I’ve been running this set up for years now and I understand it through and through. The strength of this unit is its maneuverability and its massive firepower, but as you can see it lacks a very key asset most units need in this edition, anti-tank. This is why I never let them go out alone (after all they are children and they need supervision). I run either CSM with dual melta in Rhino, or Plague Marines with dual Plasma with them to help them out. Cause 9/10 times the only thing that is standing between my Noise Marines and absolute slaughter is a metal box.

Like I said earlier this unit has massive amounts of firepower, more over massive anti-infantry firepower. This units sole purpose is to rupture internal organs, through power and flak armor alike. Not only does 14-21 bolter shots cripple Gaurdsmen and Wolf Scouts, just drive up closer and play that funky music white boi. The closer this unit gets to you, the deadlier it gets. And a CSM general you just have to give them the opportunity and they will shine, like the 4th of July, cause baby they’re fireworks (sorry, had to do it).

This brings me to my second point. You don’t need me to bring up any more stats or numbers. If, by some chance you do, /facepalm yourself and go back to your Twilight books. This unit is semi-situational. It isn’t the all around Swiss-army knifes of other units in the codex. They don’t have any reliable can-opening abilities. So this is why you include Oblits, or Havocs, or Predators, or anything for that matter. Just open those tin cans and let tem play Bach’s 8th symphony of Death. This unit also plays very well with Lash. Whether you have a Blastmaster or a Doom Siren, bunch ‘em up and blow ‘em to bits.

In conclusion…Noise Marines are a very beefy shooting unit, able to out shoot any other unit in the codex when properly equipped. Now they aren’t completely well rounded in all aspects, but they have their place. I’m not saying build an army around Noise Marines, in fact quite the contrary. Build a solid army first, and then add a dash of Noise Marines to taste. They’re an all around infantry butcher squad, so that’s what you should use them as. Perfect for standing and shooting, and also as a charge and counter charge unit. Give a whirl and see what you think. Trust me its fun, and if not me trust Slaanesh he/she/it knows how to rape people (just ask the Eldar).

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Mission of the week number 1!

Riddles in the Dark

Game length:
Random Game Length - Ending the Game (pg 90 BRB)

Pitched battle

Special rules:
Infiltrate, Reserves, Deep Strike, outflank

Modified Night fighting rules
Every turn Roll a D6 if the result is a 3+ that turn counts as night fighting,
if a 1 or 2 is rolled Nightfighing is turned off for the remainder of the turn.


D3+3 Objectives(250 Victory points each)
Victory points
Bonus objectives
+300 victory points: Destroy your opponent’s highest
point costing unit by the end of Turn 3. If two or more
units costing equal points qualify for highest point unit,
you earn this objective by destroying any of them.

+200 Victory points: Destroy all of your opponent's HQ choices
by the end of Turn 4,

+100 Victory Points
for every unit in your opponents Deployment at the end of the game


1250 Tourney report

So yeah, tourney reports w00t?

MUSIC? <---friggen amazing

So yeah, list went something like
2x 3 blasterborn dual cannon venoms
4x warrior blaster dual cannon venoms
2x ravagers
1x razorwing

Sooooomething like that :o

So some table pics (BTW this was run by my man JEFF)


So yeah with that out of the way.
12 peeps showed up.

army spread: (if i can remember XD)
GKx2 (mordrak wing, and PURIFIER SPAM)
codex marines
BA (a crazy DC list)
chaos (My man joe, running a lash hybrid with some ONE THOUSAND SONSSSSS)
er...yeah cant remember anything else >_<

K now onto THE BATTLES

BAM, first round ELDAR!!!!!!!
10x funky shooty guys? IDK they died to splinter fire XD
another 10x of the above
5x wraith guard and a warlock
banshees too
2x wave serpents
1x falcon


Actually im retarded and thats top of four.

Mission was:

Turn 1:
he moves on
i shake a stupid wave serpents

Turn 2:
he blows a cannon off a venom
I shake 2 serpents -.-

Turn 3:
he derps and fails :/
I wreck a serpent
explode another
kill all the wraith guard with me splinters
and a few banshees

Turn 4:
he wiffs hard frackin core
I kill avatar (and get a door prize :D the 2010 adepticon model)
the banshees
and the wave serpent

Turn 5:
He runs XD
I kill his shooty guys

Hes down too a running to cover farseer and 3 shooty guys

Turn 6:
I kill the shooty guys and the far seer eats 12 Lances

tableing full 1250.
Guy was awesome, awesome army and he took it well.


Table set up (ignore my ghetto transportation :)


His list:
(it was super sick looking XD)
R priest
LL jaws
R priest
wolf tail talisman (idk what that does >_<), jaws, murderous hurricane
R priest M bombs, Jaws, Tempests wrath

3x 7 man standard, rhino, melta GH packs

3x Pfist, melta wolf guard

3x 4 ML LF

I saw this list and was like....fml



Top of 4

He had like 6 LF left XD
Turn 5 he was tabled and regretting doubting my paper airplanes XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Round 3:

Spear head
Sieze ground

His list:
2x 5 man cyclone termie squads
2x 10 man tacs one razor, melta, flamer, ML, LC
3x MM/HF speeders


(mid action bottle grab)

Top of 4:

It was going downhill for him.

I ended up winning 2-0
He had 14 marines left and a razorback

Now, Im on table one vs the PURIFIER SPAM GK guy, whos been absolutely talking up his boys in silver :P
and how their psybacks would OWWWWNNNN my venoms :P

Have more scoring units in six inches of the objective then your opponent at the end of the game.

His list:
some cheapie inquis with CM and PA
4x purifier squads, halberds, 2x pscannons in psybacks

I saw this list and groaned and just how SPAMMY IT IS, we had played before nova format and i lost by one objective (forgot the dice were objectives, but i admit i sucked that game)

This is where i made my mistake:
I moved right in a sweeping motion towards him 0.o when i should have moved left blocking his shots and swamping the objective...

Game went:
He messed up my raorwing
I moved up, blew a razor
he wrecked like a venom?
I vaporized foot squad
He went on to keep wrecking venoms while i was derp herping around and plinking at razors
Game turns when the psyfelman got bored and went BOOM

I started sweeping towards the middle around 3rd?
He disembarked squads and went towards middle, he blew that venom/co away
I went, BWAAAAAMP and killed his squad on objective while plonking mine on there
rinse n repeat

It ended up going to 7 in truly epic fashion

and the verdict is....
I had run a warrior squad barely within 6 to cancel out his one XDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!


Game was pretty ridiculous and i guess i got all hissy when my lances failed to hit any of his vehicles and acted childish, didnt mean to though.

So yeah i won haha, first tourney win with DE (first tourney, other then ARD BOIZ actually)

For lewts i got:
50 bucks in prizes (chose 2 hellion bawkses :D HELLIONS FTW)
and the 2010 adpeticon model for nuking that avatar with splints

Heres my gracious GK opponent posing for a pic:
Awww dave, never doubt the venoms bro, never doubt em....

Oh btw the sallies guy 3rd round won best painted:

old school models ftw?

Im out-