Sunday, November 20, 2011

Unit Analysis: Noise Marines

Words Hurt Too – Part II

Right, so in the first part of this article “series” I discussed all the options that Noise Marines can take and what they really do. So for this part I’m going to cover their battlefield applications. Now I need to state that I’m not trying to convince anyone to play an all Noise Marine army, hell I don’t even do that. I’m writing this because I feel that Noise Marines are often overlooked and under-appreciated. So with that I shall start with some tactics.

Many people see Noise Marines as a singular purpose unit. What that means is that you either equip a Blastmaster and/or some Sonic Blasters and just sit back and shoot, or you do the other extreme with a Doom Siren and Power Weapon/Fist Champ and drive up into assault. While either load outs might work in their own right I feel like there should be a compromise, a middle ground. So I run mine as follows:

8 Noise Marines, 7 Sonic Blasters, Champion with Doom Siren and Power Weapon in Rhino – 275 pts

“Alright Dan, now that’s just stupid.” Yeah, I know it is. But you know what?... It works! No joke. I know the internets has its theories and that it’s all about list building, and if you use that school of thought, then yes this configuration makes no sense. And this is why the internets with all its beloved trolls are wrong, its all about how you run/utilize units. Especially this one.

Now let me explain before you all troll me, okay? I’ve been running this set up for years now and I understand it through and through. The strength of this unit is its maneuverability and its massive firepower, but as you can see it lacks a very key asset most units need in this edition, anti-tank. This is why I never let them go out alone (after all they are children and they need supervision). I run either CSM with dual melta in Rhino, or Plague Marines with dual Plasma with them to help them out. Cause 9/10 times the only thing that is standing between my Noise Marines and absolute slaughter is a metal box.

Like I said earlier this unit has massive amounts of firepower, more over massive anti-infantry firepower. This units sole purpose is to rupture internal organs, through power and flak armor alike. Not only does 14-21 bolter shots cripple Gaurdsmen and Wolf Scouts, just drive up closer and play that funky music white boi. The closer this unit gets to you, the deadlier it gets. And a CSM general you just have to give them the opportunity and they will shine, like the 4th of July, cause baby they’re fireworks (sorry, had to do it).

This brings me to my second point. You don’t need me to bring up any more stats or numbers. If, by some chance you do, /facepalm yourself and go back to your Twilight books. This unit is semi-situational. It isn’t the all around Swiss-army knifes of other units in the codex. They don’t have any reliable can-opening abilities. So this is why you include Oblits, or Havocs, or Predators, or anything for that matter. Just open those tin cans and let tem play Bach’s 8th symphony of Death. This unit also plays very well with Lash. Whether you have a Blastmaster or a Doom Siren, bunch ‘em up and blow ‘em to bits.

In conclusion…Noise Marines are a very beefy shooting unit, able to out shoot any other unit in the codex when properly equipped. Now they aren’t completely well rounded in all aspects, but they have their place. I’m not saying build an army around Noise Marines, in fact quite the contrary. Build a solid army first, and then add a dash of Noise Marines to taste. They’re an all around infantry butcher squad, so that’s what you should use them as. Perfect for standing and shooting, and also as a charge and counter charge unit. Give a whirl and see what you think. Trust me its fun, and if not me trust Slaanesh he/she/it knows how to rape people (just ask the Eldar).

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