Saturday, November 19, 2011

1250 Tourney report

So yeah, tourney reports w00t?

MUSIC? <---friggen amazing

So yeah, list went something like
2x 3 blasterborn dual cannon venoms
4x warrior blaster dual cannon venoms
2x ravagers
1x razorwing

Sooooomething like that :o

So some table pics (BTW this was run by my man JEFF)


So yeah with that out of the way.
12 peeps showed up.

army spread: (if i can remember XD)
GKx2 (mordrak wing, and PURIFIER SPAM)
codex marines
BA (a crazy DC list)
chaos (My man joe, running a lash hybrid with some ONE THOUSAND SONSSSSS)
er...yeah cant remember anything else >_<

K now onto THE BATTLES

BAM, first round ELDAR!!!!!!!
10x funky shooty guys? IDK they died to splinter fire XD
another 10x of the above
5x wraith guard and a warlock
banshees too
2x wave serpents
1x falcon


Actually im retarded and thats top of four.

Mission was:

Turn 1:
he moves on
i shake a stupid wave serpents

Turn 2:
he blows a cannon off a venom
I shake 2 serpents -.-

Turn 3:
he derps and fails :/
I wreck a serpent
explode another
kill all the wraith guard with me splinters
and a few banshees

Turn 4:
he wiffs hard frackin core
I kill avatar (and get a door prize :D the 2010 adepticon model)
the banshees
and the wave serpent

Turn 5:
He runs XD
I kill his shooty guys

Hes down too a running to cover farseer and 3 shooty guys

Turn 6:
I kill the shooty guys and the far seer eats 12 Lances

tableing full 1250.
Guy was awesome, awesome army and he took it well.


Table set up (ignore my ghetto transportation :)


His list:
(it was super sick looking XD)
R priest
LL jaws
R priest
wolf tail talisman (idk what that does >_<), jaws, murderous hurricane
R priest M bombs, Jaws, Tempests wrath

3x 7 man standard, rhino, melta GH packs

3x Pfist, melta wolf guard

3x 4 ML LF

I saw this list and was like....fml



Top of 4

He had like 6 LF left XD
Turn 5 he was tabled and regretting doubting my paper airplanes XDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Round 3:

Spear head
Sieze ground

His list:
2x 5 man cyclone termie squads
2x 10 man tacs one razor, melta, flamer, ML, LC
3x MM/HF speeders


(mid action bottle grab)

Top of 4:

It was going downhill for him.

I ended up winning 2-0
He had 14 marines left and a razorback

Now, Im on table one vs the PURIFIER SPAM GK guy, whos been absolutely talking up his boys in silver :P
and how their psybacks would OWWWWNNNN my venoms :P

Have more scoring units in six inches of the objective then your opponent at the end of the game.

His list:
some cheapie inquis with CM and PA
4x purifier squads, halberds, 2x pscannons in psybacks

I saw this list and groaned and just how SPAMMY IT IS, we had played before nova format and i lost by one objective (forgot the dice were objectives, but i admit i sucked that game)

This is where i made my mistake:
I moved right in a sweeping motion towards him 0.o when i should have moved left blocking his shots and swamping the objective...

Game went:
He messed up my raorwing
I moved up, blew a razor
he wrecked like a venom?
I vaporized foot squad
He went on to keep wrecking venoms while i was derp herping around and plinking at razors
Game turns when the psyfelman got bored and went BOOM

I started sweeping towards the middle around 3rd?
He disembarked squads and went towards middle, he blew that venom/co away
I went, BWAAAAAMP and killed his squad on objective while plonking mine on there
rinse n repeat

It ended up going to 7 in truly epic fashion

and the verdict is....
I had run a warrior squad barely within 6 to cancel out his one XDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!


Game was pretty ridiculous and i guess i got all hissy when my lances failed to hit any of his vehicles and acted childish, didnt mean to though.

So yeah i won haha, first tourney win with DE (first tourney, other then ARD BOIZ actually)

For lewts i got:
50 bucks in prizes (chose 2 hellion bawkses :D HELLIONS FTW)
and the 2010 adpeticon model for nuking that avatar with splints

Heres my gracious GK opponent posing for a pic:
Awww dave, never doubt the venoms bro, never doubt em....

Oh btw the sallies guy 3rd round won best painted:

old school models ftw?

Im out-