Friday, November 18, 2011

3 color minimum/army showcase

Well, theres a 1250 5 round free tourney tomorrow at the fantasy flight events center that I'm attending.

It's got a 3 color minimum...
I barely achieved that.

Now I wont lie, I procrastinate waaaayyy too much.

So here's some pics

So yeah, plan is to re do em for the GT in February.

Tourney report tommorow too.

-I'm out


  1. Congrats on the Victory, you ruled the day and 3 out of your 4 victories you absolutely destroyed your opponents.
    I would love to get a few games in against in you in the weeks a head, look out adepticon here comes a DE player on a mission.

  2. I love the Razorwing coming out of the potted plant, LIKE A EEFIN' NINJA!!