Friday, December 16, 2011

1850 DE vs chaos

Yeah I lost, finally.

His list:
2 Slaan DP, 2 7 man PM squads, dual Plasma, Fist, 8 KB w/ fist, 10 csm, dual melta, champ w/ pw, IoCG, 6 Oblits, 3 Termies, 2 combi meltas

spear head
capture and control
Head hunter
And have more troops alive at end of game

I win first
Drugs are 3d6 run

My list is:
Haemie liquifier

2x 3x blasterborn in venoms

4x warrior squads blasters and venoms

wracks venom (4 wracks)

19x hellions with helliarch with agonizer


Board shot
My deploy
His deploy
my 1, 
I flat out. One hellion is too hyped on combat drugs and goes into the river and dies to sea bass
His 1, He sits tight

My 2, 
Ravager gets immobilised, and the pilot is sacrificed for it   Rhino is glanced by dark glance but is cover saved
His 2, 
He gets a prince, zerkers and chaos marines   His prince falls into a wall like a retard, but his shield saves him

my 3, 

Prince dies to splinter fire (3 venoms)Nothing else

his 3, 
He gets everything   termies miss hap and die :/
His lashes hellions 10
Pops smoke on rhinos

He plasma cannons 7 hellions then 5 more
He stunned a trueborn venom

my 4,
I kill 5/6 oblits and the DP

His 4,

He exploded a true born venom
our game froze XD
We un froze it

My 5,
I kill the chaos squad, oblit and a rhino. And miss all lances on the zerker rhino

His 5
He shuffles abit

Game ends like a bawse
He gets primary

lol I lost

Uh post game thoughts for me:
I moved midfield (its like 11 o'clock when we played this so dont judge me) and...well...sat there for way to long and forgot what turn it was XD.

Simple mistake really, I got Tert and Sec but still Should have just camped in my corner saying come get some.


  1. I think it went wrong when you deployed, you had first turn. Why didn't you stick him in the corner without terrain?

  2. It was 11 a clock at night and I'd been driving for an hour for drivers Ed and was super tired XD