Sunday, December 11, 2011

1850 DEvsNIds Batrep (video)!

Well heres our first video battle report! Hope you enjoy! CC welcome.

(this was a league game, my 3rd full BP win in a row putting me ahead of everyone by a massive amount XD)

My thoughts on the game:

Well, I had to be semi aggressive whilst keeping his close range shooting away.
So i deployed in a way that my hellions could jump out and make their way across the board near end game.

Shooting was just as effective as it usually is ahhaha. Poison eats those MC's alive, killing the hive guard with one venom seems to be a re occuring event when I play nids.

I knew I needed to get my hellions a 3rd token so they wouldnt get bogged down  by running away. The baron dying (he does it every time he has to take one -.-) was a set back, but having I6 to HnR is helpful!

I think I need more AT, which means probably dropping something for either, reavers with heat lance, or scourages with DL...even though I hate that unit haha.


  1. Saw your vid on MiniWG, and checked out ur blog. Check out my podcast :D

  2. Hey, just a heads up. Ask before advertising, I know how hard it is to get out there. But ask before hand, I'm leaving your comment up for now.