Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Space marine review

Well I got space marine today.

Just finished the campaign.

Their were some parts where i was like lulzwut?
But realized rhe game would have been broken if they were true to the tabletop.

I'm pretty sure at level 41 multiplayer you get terminator armour!

I havent played the multiplayer yet but look forward to it.

The controls feel great (ima huge shooter player).
An annoying part is theirs so much crap exploding (pyrotechnics and organic) that you sometimes think an enemies stunned when their not and they sock you in the face!

Also...tank bustas are...so annoying it's not even possible to explain it....I'm in CQC with like 2 nobs 30 boyz and a bigger grey nob. I'm doing a finishing move on one by pulling his jaw apart (awesome!!!!) and all of the sudden 4!!! Un orkily accurate missiles slam into me and I die!

I was like WTFFFFF!!! Then saw the tank bustas HaR HaR haring...next time I head shouted them with the stalker right off the bat!

Also when you fight the ork boss it doesn't really tell you how to kill him, so as a disclaimer shoot him in the back.

The chaos marines are also annoyingly hard to kill but I can imagine that's what they'd be like.

One more complaint, I FRIGGEN LOVE THE THUNDER HAMMER, but you can't use any thing but your kraken Bolter or plasma pistol! So it's almost impossible to kill heavily admitted foes at range...so I was disappointed that I had to switch back to the axe.

Well that wraps up my review of space marine.

Oh and it's not a GOW clone...at all.

That reminds me I can't wait for GOW3 and BF3 either even though I don't xbox that much anymore (prefer drawing and hobbying) I'll still get those. But screw modern warfare three! I hate cod games like that their all the same!


-I'm out

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