Friday, August 26, 2011

Battle report

It was Tyler and I practicing for the team tournament coming up on the third.

We got

Pitched battle


DeathwingVS tyranids

His list was something like
2x 2 hiveguard
Like 30 gaunts
2x trygon primes
Like maxes out unit of stealersx2

Ours was:
Belial (hammer)
Command squad banner apoth cyclone
Terminator squad, cyclone
Same as above
Speeder MM and typhoon

Then same as above

Our deployment looked like this (note the nids had one movement phase beforehand)

Ours more upclose

Our command squads are shielded

Joe kills a terminator with hive guard. We kill the hive guard unit with missiles...

Here's where joes reserves came in, both stealers, mawlock, and trygon. You can see the mawlock in the midst of Tylers terminator fort, we lost 3 naters this round and a speeder.

Now I told Tyler to shoot the trygon then assault the mawlock. Trygons down to 2, and for some reason Tyler assaults the mawlock with a depleted terminator escapes.

Now here (pic below). I'm prepping to assault the stealers on both flanks.

We frag the crap out of the stealers on both sides, then charge. On my side I wipe the stealers while belial takes a wound and one nater dies.

On Tylers side his assault move got all messed up and his chaplain didn't make it...I lost 3 naters to the trygon, he lost 1-2 I killed te trygon and some stealers, Joe ended up losing combat and lost a few to fearless.

Now, (pic above) this is my last pic, but joes mawlock shows it's ugly face again and scatters away from my terminators, the doom also the edge and we place it in the corner :D.

The stealer assault goes poorly with a tie combat.

Our turn I assault the mawlock and nuke the dooms pod, the stealers are wiped to the brood lord who stays in combat...I think their was some shenanigans going on their but whatever.

I kill the mawlock with belials hammer smashing it's face to
Itsy bitsy pieces...let's see you hit and run from that!

Game ends in a tie

Having to take pictures blows for this. I'm probably goin to do video bat reps from now on. I just got a flip video camera anyways.

We also played joes 1k blood angels and a 1k necron guy with our terminator allied forces, in spearhead capture and control. it went to the secondary which was KP which me and Tyler won.

-I'm out

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