Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday gaming sum up

So I usually go to my FLGS every thursday to play with some people down there and buy stuff.

Today I brought my 1500 DA list im playtesting for when i re-do my DA. Also because I dont have all of my dark eldar models (I did get a venom today so only 7 more ><).

I played Tyler (royalfork), He was using a cut down spacewolf list consisting of:

Rune priest, jaws living lightning
3x 3man 3x stormshield and one cyclone terminator squads
2x double melta GH packs in drop pods
1x 4 missile long fangs
1x 4 missile long fangs in razorback

I had: (I used this for the rest of the night)
Interrogator chaplain
5x combi melta 2x storm shield (I had points left over) company vets in a drop pod
terminator squad, apothecary banner. 3x hammer cyclone 1x claws 1x chain fist
terminator squad, cyclone 3x hammer 1x cyclone 1x chainfist
terminator squad, cyclone 3x hammer 1x cyclone 1x chainfist
3x typhoons (seperate squads) with MM

We got sieze ground dawn of war. I pretty much went pew pew pew, wrecked his razorback and long fang squad, both his scoring units and something else and he conceded turn 4.

I then played a BA player
his list: (its what he had)
10x DC various weapons
10x tac squad in rhino with MM and melta gun
5x assault squad p fist melta
storm raven
DC dread

We got annihilation dawn of war. I shot 24+ str8 shots into his storm raven, over two turns. It exploded wounding astorath and killing a DC. Dante and the assault squad assaulted one of my termie squads killed 3. Next turn my command squad with belial and the chaplain charged in, Dante lived but ran away. He killed a speeder. I killed the tac rhino in CC and then the tac squad in CC and i escorted dante off the board with a speeder.

Tabled him.

Next opponent was a guard player
his list was:
lord commissar
50 man blob
vets with 3 melta in ven

we got capture and control, dawn of war.
He charged his lord out who I killed and allowed me to slingshot (6 for consolidation) into his gun line and just rolled it up.
He had 7 vets left after i chain fisted his turbo boosted valk.

result win 2-0

Thats all for today, i did paint my razorwing to about 35% though so look for pics soon.

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