Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ard Boyz

Ard boyz did not go well for me and my space wolves, a mix of poor match ups and just bad luck put me in a pitiful 5th place.

Scenario one
Opponent: Draigo wing Grey knights
Result: Loss
Reason: complete lack of ap2 or less weaponry and my complete lack of experience fighting Grey Knights.

Scenario two
Opponent: Tyranids
Result: Draw
Reason: I pretty much tabled him, and because it was an objective game and in the end i had no troops left to capture

Scenario three
Opponent: Battle Wagon orks
Result: Loss
Reason: to much av14 for me to handle, and I don't think i made a single save that entire game

So that wraps up this years Ard Boyz, overall it was a disappointment but hey theres other tourneys yet to come.

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