Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Author

I go by 'Ronnoc' on the interwebs. I'm a buddy of Scraps in the for real lifes, and I will be posting intermediately about the things I like.

Things I like:
Hating Warhammer 40k
Hating Games Workshop (no one hates GW more than its fans)
Giving Privateer Press backhanded complements
Hating wargames' internet culture

Games Workshop-wise, I have 5000 points of Blood Angels, which I play in a modified flamestorm-style list, and 3000 points of Orks which I am currently working on bringing up to a competitive battlewagon-bash list. I also have a couple hundred points of LOTR, but the rules update might have rendered that game unplayable. I would elaborate, but I'm pretty sure no one cares about LOTR.
On the Privateer Press side of things, I have a maybe 50 points of Gatormen, and I have yet to really find my niche with them.

Well, I'm glad that's over with.

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