Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dark Star GT picture vomiting/crappy report

Heres my barely 3 color min army in all is glory

Crappy display board is crappy, touched up like 2 hours before tourney with air brush

First round opponent: Loss, twolves got in my face too fast and GH wouldnt fail armour, I did get too close though.

This won players choice or something

Counts as GK made my camera blur

Super sick terrain here

Best prizes there

Cool themed GK army with like dice and templates


Look at all that LOSB terrain, first round table too :)

Second round table, my models kept falling off those hills

Second round opponent, tabled him 4th turn.

The best marines ever

Best painted right there guys

Intense SW player is intense

Is this a mermaid or a jack hammer?

So yeah, list looked like:

Shatter shard


2x 3 trueborn blasters in venoms

4x squads of warriors blasters in venoms

18x hellions with Sarge with agonizer

1x 4 man wracks with venom

2x ravagers

1x razorwing

Uh, boring text bat reps yay!

First round was SW

I got first moved up, he came on (DOW) i killed almost all his LF
He jammed midfield like all SW players do, i for some stupid reason dont back up
I kill most of troops jamming midfield but he saves like 40+ 3+ on one squad who then just start like stunning my vehicles XD

I think im low on time so dont activate some stuff and t wolves om nomm nom

Im left with a ravager.

Second round was BA
First turn I immo his LR, detonate his SR and blow up his baal
He does nothing to me
I kill everything on foot, immo a DC dread,
He hops out of LR, bum rushes up, i kill them all for tableing

3rd round
More BA!

He had like 30 assault marines on foot, a razor, honour guard, baal, and 2 libbie dreads with a speeder, oh and mephiston

I blow away a dread
he runs towards me
I kill some stuff
He runs up, mephi pops a venom.
I kill honour guard that were providing FNP to everything and i kill pretty much his entire army

4th round was IG
Oh god, like 18 auto cannons with like 230 guys on foot? LR executioner and hydra
He gets first...
him: "Okay! This will go well if you dont steal the init-oh god you did!
I killed like 115 models first turn
He pops a few things, i eventually table him and my hellions owned a ton of em too XD.

5th round
GK ahh I was wondering when they would rear their heads.

He had like, 2x psyfelman, libby, SR death star with paladins and 2x strike squads and stuff,

It was intense with it coming down to me nuking his libby with a shattershard and the pallie squad with the hellions, then my haemie taking llike a kajillion psycannon shots and living for the tie.

In the end I won a kroot shaper in the raffle, then they started giving away plaques and stuff.

Hey i got best dark eldar! I got a plaque and stuff too!

I got like 19/45 on sportsmanship like i always do :3. I got 20/40 on painting.

I ended up 27/58 and would have gotten like 18th? If i had gotten at least 30 sportsmanship, its funny because all the other DE finished better then me but i still got best DE Yay pointless soft scores!

Well my after thoughts of the tourney were...I want to play more warmachine

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