Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hobby Update: Cult of Destruction

So a bit ago I picked up a box of Chaos Termies to kit bash with GK termies and make a Pali squad cause I wanted to make Pheonix Guard/Draigowing. Then I thought, I'm a big of enough douche already and I know I'm getting a new dex soon anyways. So like with the last box of Termies I had gotten I realized I could now have 9 Oblits instead of the usual 3 that I run. Plus the fact that there is an Apoc Formation called THE CULT OF DESTRUCTION made me wanna do I more.

So I went to work early on this week on these guys. And I have a absolute blast converting Oblits. Now the theme is slaanesh, as is everything with me. Now the only speed bumb is that I couldn't find the random termies I was making into a Dark Apostle in termie armor/Oblit Chaplin. Thus I used a spawn stand in!! XD

Hope you guys injoy, I am planning on having these all modeled in about a week and a half, then painted in another. So yeah...

So yeah, eat your heart out Hannibal


  1. DIABOLIC is the only word that comes to mind. You are one sick follower of Chaos.

  2. Hah! The Spawnliterator is my favorite, but I also like the daemonette launcher!

  3. if anyone asks about the Deamonette, i'm just saying its a Plasma cannon. Cause launching one at high speed who then spins around with rending claws and explodes after awhile is basicly the same thing as a PC anyways.