Sunday, December 2, 2012

An Intro

     Hello, I guess I'm an author for the blog so I figured I would give a short intro about myself. My name is Nick and I live in Minnesota. Short enough?  In all honesty, I am a tabletop gamer through and through. Futuristic battles, skirmishes, and death are exciting. For some reason I never got into video games, but I can live with that. At the end of the day I enjoy the excitement of living out a battle vicariously with little men.
Eh, close enough
          I started out playing Warhammer 40k with some friends back in 2008. I have a decent size Tau army, along with a Grey Knight army built out of the cool 3rd edition models. 40k, however, is not why I'm here. Infinity is the word of the day. Over a year ago I got lost in the war gaming section of the internet and found out about the game Infinity. I thought the idea was cool. Then I saw the models. Initially enthralled by Pan Oceania, I saw the Shang ji with a combi rifle; a part of the Yu Jing faction. A short while later I bought the model online along with a Guilang skirmisher just because they looked cool.
I may be bad at taking pictures. By "taking pictures" I mean painting.
     I thought that was it. I asked a couple of my friends what they thought and nobody wanted to shell out the cash to get started. (Coming from 40k players!) I also picked up some Warmachine stuff for the same rule of cool reasons. Unfortunately the same thing happened to Warmachine, no one wanted to start a new system.
      Going back to 40k for a minute, I was still deeply involved in the game this whole time, and went to a team tournament with a Tyranid player. We did okay, but the main take away was we were invited into the Frozen North Gaming Club. I noticed Scrap Square posted about a game called Dropzone Commander on Frozen North's Facebook page. We got to talking and I almost bought some stuff but it was out of stock. Eventually time went on and I forgot about it. Later on, he posted again about Infinity. I already had some models so we set up a game. I had never fully played before so it was definitely an experience. I had a lot of fun so we set up more games, and now we try to get a match in once a week or so. A couple of other people play, but not as often. So here I am now; two large forces for 40k, a small collection of Cygnar for Warmachine, the start of an Axis Dust Warfare platoon, and a growing Yu Jing Infinity team. That should keep me busy.

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