Saturday, December 1, 2012

Dust Warfare World Championships

So I went to the Dust Warfare World championship a while ago.

I chose to play the Allies, with a gimmicky but awesome list!''

My list was:
Bazooka Joe
Grim reapers
Boss squad
BBQ squad
Sniper squad
2x Fireballs with airdrop.

The tournament was held at Fantasy Flight's event center building on 6x4 boards with loads of terrain.
The armies represented were: 3 allied, 2 SSU, and 3 axis. The Allied lists all had at least one super heavy (which I think is almost required for allies to be good). The axis were a mix but they all included at least one Wutan (same here, almost needed to be good). The SSU lists were a little more varied with one helicopter heavy (Burner, and transport with FAYYYYYKEEELLIEEES)! While the other was mega walker heavy using them as shields/transports for close range squads.

The boards ranged from desert, to winter warland to an urban board. The terrain was a mix of area terrain and large LOS blocking terrain. We used the tournament builder straight out of the packet, which I like except for critical positions which kind of makes it a campy game.

My plan was to try to get force collision (I succeeded in this every time) and eliminate the enemy, taking advantage of my lists low unit count and high damage output.

Now onto the games.

Round one I had a bye, so I played Louis or Dakkon on the dust war forums. He had: (lists may be a little off)

2x Flak grens
Battle grens

We got, Force collision, eliminate the enemy.
Game went in my favor from turn one as my fireballs shrugged off massive amounts of fire and I managed to kill 3 of his units and tank it out untill the game ended, only losing one unit (BBQ and joe).

Alright, onto my second round.
This was versus an SSU player named dennis his list:
Defense platoon command squad
Chinese volunteers
Transport helo
Battle squad
grandma and koshka
Howitzer walker

Our game was force collision and critical positions (urgh).
I deployed joe separate so I could get more points for the mission. I also left only one fireball in reserve as it doesnt gain me any points, and needed an offensive threat to push him off his objective.

I didnt need to prepare like that as he had one unit on his objective to my 5 or 6. He used the fly the helo off the board to have it come on way farther away trick, but my fireball killed its occupants then my grims blasted it out of the sky.

As he had lost his offensive unit he sent in the back up one in the form of his burner, and since I had been longtomming him all game, he decided to go after my command squad with the helo taking out most of them (minus the medic and commander!) before it was brought down by machine gun fire.
At this point, he conceded giving me full points for everything.

For my third game (deciding who would be in the finals) it was against Louis from my first round bye with his dual wutan chassis.
His list:

2x Flak grens
Battle grens

Our game was FORCE COLLISION CRITICAL POSITIONS! WOOH! Our table was pretty terrain heavy in the corners with just one BIG BIG building in the center.

I stacked the terrain right outside of my deployment for points and kept my fireballs in reserve as I had a feeling he would rush that building in the center. He deployed with LOS blocked to all his army with the building so I couldnt long tom him.

As the game progressed he started moving towards the building in the center and occupied it as his piece of terrain. As he had way more units then me, I was quickly on the losing end here. As he was flanking his heinrich around to snipe my command squad, my fireballs landed with a thud. And the following could only be described as a siege. With my fireballs wiping out whole units with machine guns and flamers and them in turn getting burned by the flammenluther.

As the game kept going, I was slowly getting in the lead as he was losing units, while mine were all snuggled up in the critical position in my corner sniping at the marauding gorillas with rifle and grenade. Eventually I just won on points with me not losing a single model.

His dice were horrible :L.

So after some minor celebration (I got a sprite) it was onto the finals!

The finals game was broadcast, you can find it on Fantasy Flights channel. My opponent chris was playing allies! His list:
Bazooka joe
Hell boys
Grim reapers
Additional resources

Our game was critical positions eliminate the enemy. The board was VERY terrain heavy with almost no LOS from one side to the other.

The game began with me air dropping my two fireballs in a almost pincer move around his corner. I started out by trading the grim reapers (foolishly) for 4/5 of a BBQ squad, they were the closest thing to my fireball that could hurt it. From there I used the reactions from my fireball to kill another BBQ squad and take minor damage from the hellboys.

On the other flank my other fireball crashed through the building taking 4 points of damage from the cobra reacting, deployed the BBQ and had them destroy the cobra. As he was running out of units chris started positioning the punisher to get rear fire on my Grim reaper fireball, sadly this left it open to the other fireball shooting it in the rear and destroying it. While this was happening, bazooka joe was killed from two turns of long toms.

Since he had just a command squad left I slightly over killed them with the BBQ and joe getting something stupid like 28 dice against them finishing them off.

So all in all the tourney was alot of fun with me getting full battle points and something like 900/1200 break points.

Some interesting facts about my games:
Dakkon has the worst wutan ever, and should melt it and get a new one as it only hit like 4 times in our two games.

Helicopters go down REALLY easily from machine guns.

I lost in total 2 units out of all my games.

One of my fireballs had no machine guns and was on fire with a cripple drive train at one point.

Well hoped you liked it, I thought it was pretty fun.