Sunday, July 24, 2011

1500 Battle report DAvsNids


Hello! It's Julian again. (hai julian...) and today i have a battle report for you!!!!

Opponent: Didnt catch his name...I did shake his hand though!
Opponents faction:'NOM NOM NOM NOM NIDS

Opponents list:
Prime with a big gun
2x max warrior squads with deathspitters and one large blast gun
2x 20 man hormie squads...nom nom
10x stealers with the bigdaddy brood lord
3x hive guard
2x Zoies in a spore pod thing...he didnt have the model so we proxied some air as it

My list:
2x cyclone, 3 TH/SS, 1x claw terminator squads
2x 6 man bikers, double melta (other squad had double plas and apothecary) Mbombs and P wep

*note* i forgot some of my models (boo hiss) so had to add some upgrades

We got pitched battle KP...ugh give me some objective missions...pl0x?

*also note im using a mac for this and havent used one before and it deleted my entire post of this before so their may be some inaccuracies (read: laziness)

His deployment

My deployment:

His First turn movement:

He fired his hive guard at my 'Naters on the hill...or near it. It did nothing (this will be a re occurrence)

My movement:

My shooting:

I went for the easy kill point and fired mostly everything at his stealers, knocking em down to 3

*Very tactical thinking part...ACTIVATED* Well my inital plan was to pop the stealers for a point easily. That didnt going to get assaulted next turn oh god i hate my life.

His turn 2 movement:

Yeah im gunna get assaulted ><

His shooting:
it went kind of like: PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW PEW...DOOSH DOOSH DOOSH DOOSH *cue explosions* and when the smoke cleared my termies were like...enjoying the rain. So i took no casualties.

His assault:

He managed to kill...ONE TERMIE. Yes one termie...its like buddha peed on my dice (no offense to anyone?...) The hills were area terrain so i got to strike first, and the genies didnt make it into assault.

My turn 2: movement Consisted of me shuffling around a bit (no pic cause it was minor shuffle duffle.

My shooting, i pew pewed at the warriors and did nothing...i did waste a stealer and put a wound on the brood lord

My assault:

I charged my terminators into the gaunts there. and my Naters punked A TON OF GAUNTS, it was ridiculous. His fearless saves hurt him aswell. he did kill one charging termie thats all.

*tactical assessment..(retarded blathering): HOLY CRAP i took that like a total beast! I should consolidate my battle line and waste the stealers, then procede to shoot the crap out of everything else while denying KP to him.

His turn three movement:


His shooting: did nothing...i think caused maybe one casualty.

ONE THING THOUGH. His zoies landed by sammael and proceeded to do nothing.

His assault:

He charged the stealers in, they killed one nater then every one of them died but broodie hes down to one wound.

My movement:

No pic sorrz ><. I shuffled a bit. 


I went pew pew on his warriors and killed like 2 from normal saves. And the zoies pod and one zoie

My assault: (note he moved the warriors a bit closer, the pictures kind of got muddled) I charged his warriors closest to teh naters with just lightning claw man and P fister, he did nothing. I punked 3 warriors with P fist. I also killed his other zoie

He then decided to concede as MY TERMINATORS WOULDNT F'ING DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think....they took like a few rounds of shooting from all death spitter equipped warriors, 20 hormies assaulting, a stealer and brood lord. and hive guard shooting them every turn possible.

This game went extremely well for me and i hope you liked the rep, hoping to do vid reps soon.

My opponent was a great guy, except he kept screaming FAIL THE MOTHER F*CKING FNP SAVE GOD DAMMIT! every time i had to make one for my nater lol. There was some little kid their too and his dad kept like glancing nervously at our table ><. The dude was awesome though and took my rolling like a boss. I WILL LEARN YOUR NAME NEXT TIME AWESOME OPPONENT!

Thats all for today, Good games and good days to all you magical fairies of the interwebs!

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