Saturday, July 23, 2011

Razorwing jet fighter! And mini bat rep


Well I guess this is kind of a model review...
This kit went together horribly...for me at least, I didn't pay attention to the guide lines on the engine slots. So when I went to put the top down it was alllll messed up, with some modifications (snip snip snip) it went back together perfectly! I'm thinking of running 3 of them...

The only thing wrong with it is the engines are like facing in weird directions...its hard to notice though!

This one will get magnetised missile racks, ill probably use the monscythe missiles though.

The model is equipped with the splinter cannon upgrade and 2 dark lances.

I also played a 1500 game vs a chaos player on Thursday, it was sieze ground pitched battle. The terrain set up was horrible leaving me with no room to hide anything (1 LOSblocking piece on my side 4 on his) so I deployed my wych raider with a liquifier haemonculi.

Turn one he shot 6 reaper auto cannons, a battle cannon and a bolt of change...and killed the gunner on the raider!

I then preceded to flat out to about 5 inches away from two rhinos full of 1k sons.

Turn 2, he unloaded all available weapons (minus the battlecannon lol) and immobilised the raider.

My turn I got in the drug dealer (siliscus) and his cronies, 1 ravager and the razorwing and the final wych squad. They all flat out except the razorwing which dropped its four monoscythes onto a terminator squad...bringing them to 2. My wyches dis embarked and charged the rhinos popping one and doing everything but wreck to the other.

Turn 3, he shot my wyches and they fell back and did nothing to my other stuff

My turn, haemonculi jumped out of immobilised wych raider, wych raider shot up and disembarked next to some termies. The haemie liquifier shot...and got ap5 on the havocs (the ones that jumped out of the haywired rhino) they loved it and didn't lose any. I killed 2 terminators and they held.

Turn 4 he wrecked my friggen razorwing with a battle cannon... and my raider. He killed the wyches off and immobilised a warrior raider.
My wyches killed his termies

My turn: my haemie found the button and got ap2 and vaporised 3 havocs and they ran like little girls. I blew the cannon of the defiler and my wyches (who killed the naters) flew over infront of a building housing his objective. My ravagers (one of them finally came in with the other warriors) all flew over the right flank towards his objective.

Turn 5: he killed my poor haemie and did nothing else.

My turn: I jumped my wych raider onto his objective, moved onto myobjective, and piled like 500 points onto his last one. I shot everything at the defiler and did nothing.

He's all laughing and such and smack talking me, I asked him to roll to see if it ends. I promptly tell him I won and his face is like :o lol. Sorry joe if I got anything wrong it was a great game though. Thought I was gunna lose because of the terrain set up!

So far the razorwing is my hero...and its SO SMEXY. I think its got like, a dreadnought 15 terminators, and 10 tac marines and died once.

My record with my (highly proxied) not too optimised dark eldar is:
4,0,0. I think me learning how they work so fast is because of the other armies I've had. Ravenwing, tau (they move around and shoot a lot) and BA razorspam. They all have shooting and pretty fast movement.

Wow longest post so far wewt!

Expect to see some warmahordes soon.

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