Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Excuses, excuses

Well... I'm stuck in indiana for family.. its pretty boring, I did paint a cron lord for storm that has OSL and a star system painted on his globe thing. I'm going to paint the eldar farseer I got too, but man terraria is really really addicting!!!!! I've made absolutely no progress at all on my flesh tearers and my deldar, just painting fun models! I still need to:
Get a terminator squad for the tearers
Get a terminator librarian for the tearers
Get the las/plas turrets for my tearers (might go with the twin linked las)
paint my RAS
Finish my "for fun" sanguinary guard
Finish my angels sanguine space hulk terminators
Finish painting the horrible dreadnought for my flgs
Figure out teamnames and emblems for adepticon team tourney
Make bases for all the tearers
Make up the complete fluff for our team and put it on a word doc
Draw up pictures for our team stuff

Assemble all my raiders
Buy 2 ravagers
Buy a razorwing
Buy a venom
Convert the trueborn
Convert the drug dealer (duke)
And paint my 40+ infantry and 7 vehicles
Paint the raider bases with dead guardsmen/space wolves (its a fluff thing)
Oh and base them with the snowie urban theme
Make my "lambs to the slaughter" display board
Draw up pictures for deldar list, and come up with deldar fluff
(I'm making a packet with like: KABAL OF THE DENOUNCED) then a picture under it, then next page its my fluff, then last is my list.

Urgh...at least I enjoy doing this hobby, and wiping razor wolves with my list makes me more enthused.

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