Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dark eldar venom


Well my I pod screen is flipped over the wrong way :/.

Well here's some shots of my venoms and one of their bases.

(my fluff is their my DE are there trying to lure Space marines to a battle to capture and mutate to use as crazy shock troops to help overthrow vect, will expand on it later.)

Still needs blood

That's my trueborn venom (there
Mercenaries) it says swift blood
In Japanese.

That's my warior venom, it's name is keen blade.

On the other side it says murder and something else DE like.

-I'm out


  1. Funny, I like Black Templar land Raider door on the base. Dreaming BIG is the only way to fly :P

  2. Screw it yo, i got enough dark glances to blow everything off one of your "blessed hull" It wont be very blessed when my wyches get it...