Thursday, October 6, 2011

First game with ogres

MusicLet's get this out of the way first. MOST FUN IVE HAD IN A GAME IN LIKE 12 GAMES!

(mainly because I'm a tryhard and do tourney games mostly >_<)

It was a 2v1 game because it was my first fantasy game.

I was teamed with skaven vs chaos Daemons

My list was

Butcher, he'll heart pendant of protection, lvl2
4x iron guts full command
2x 3x bulls full command extra hand weapon
4x lead belches
24 gnoblars trapper groin biter
2x mournfang heavy armour

My buddy Tyler (royalfork) ran
Pack leader? Fell blade
Some BSB character
And a mage of some sort.
2x40x clan rats? And some warp fire throwers
Doom wheel

Joe (the daemon player) ran
Tzeentch herald?
Nurgle herald?
Khorne herald on crusher
20 plague bearers
5 shooty crazy limit of one guys
20 horrors
5 crushers
20 blood letters
3x 5x seekers

We just did VP

Doom wheel killing a seeker squad and pursuing into the other killing it.

My bull units just loldying

Mournfang flanking blood letters killing them, then the horrors, then the flamers and ended with one with 2 wounds left who was prepped to charge crushers

Plague bearers in combat with clan rat block, then my hell heart went off blowing up 12 rats and 4 bearers with a miscast from the nurgle herald!!!

My gnoblars doing nothing but running away!

4 lead belches get charged by the crushers and herald, losing one then killing two crushers then running away.

Crushers getting charged by iron guts, duel between herald and butcher, butcher loses two wounds. I kill the last crusher, just herald he loses by one rolls for unstable. Gets a 12 and the Herald is sucked back into the warp!!!!!!

Tylers flame rat going YO WE GOT THIS, BOOOOOM! and killing a few clan rats >_<

Me never rolling double sixes with 5 dice 3 times in a row. To cast plus one strength.

Ogres are great fun and for a low model count army they do very well!

Fantasy although has tons of randomness is really tactical too IMO.

-I'm out

Location:Fantasy flight games event center

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