Thursday, October 13, 2011

Infinity first game

Well Tyler and I proxied a game of my panoceania vs his adariania.

Highlights were my medic going to revive someone, peekin out of cover and getting nailed in the face.

My leftenat (lieutenant) going gung ho with his multi rifle and taking down like 6 models!

It's a friggen awesome game with friggen awesome models! I love it! I just wish our local area had more players for it. As far as I know Tyler and I are the only ones :/.

The reaction system is great about it, although if you have a skilled guy (my leftenent in example) he can just chuck Norris through everyone!

Tyler and I are gunna proxy a 300 point game Saturday, probably including some T.A.G's (giant robots) so it oughta be fun!

I plan on doing alot of work on these models once I determine a list, ie: NMM and such as I guess that's really hard to do for the majority gamers out there? I never found it really hard...

-I'm out


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  2. And because Julian forgot to post teh music, here you go

  3. Hey man I might be done I love the models, but doubted I could get anyone interested. Do you have the rules?

  4. The rules can be found free of charge on Infinity's website as .pdf files