Saturday, January 14, 2012

Gator men VS Cryx 35

Well heres our first warmachine batrep.

I decided to try out a cryx list that id been thinking of.

caster kill

My list:
2x rippers
min banes
satyxis raider captain
10 satyxis raiders
warwitch siren

 Bloody Barnabas6
Bull Snapper3 Blackhide Wrastler9
Blackhide Wrastler9
Gatormen Posse (Leader and 4 Grunts)9
Croak Hunter2
Wrong Eye & Snapjaw 9 -35



he goes first

Barnabas throws out swamp pits
wrastler runs
wrastler runs
Bull snaper runs, uses animus to cast spiny growth on the wrastler
snapjaw runs and casts submerge animus
wrong eye runs and casts submerge
Gatormens run (yes gatormenS), and cast dirge of mists (suprise suprise)
Croak hunter runs

My turn
one focus to each deathripper
Warwitch gives a power boost to reaper, advances
reaper runs
rippers run
Skarre casts admonition on deathrippers, advances
All satyxis advance
banes run
Skarlock advances and casts deathward on reaper

His 2
He doesnt upkeep Anything
He pulls fury to max
wrong eye leachs off snaps
And barnabas advances
Croak hunter advances and hurls his spear at the satyxis, hes out
Snap jaw well...snaps and attacks the croak hunter and rips him bodily apart
Wrong eye casts submerge on both of them (snappie)
His wrastler(s) charge my satyxis to get extra movement (??)
Gatormens advanced, and dirge of misted

My 2
I drop all upkeeps
2 focus on reaper
warwitch gives reaper one, then advances back
reaper moves up and shoots the red wrastler, i boost (-.-) doing one damage, i drag and hit him, doing 4 damage, buy another for 2 points, another for 7
SKarlock casts admonition on the banethralls and advanced
deathrippers advance
Banes charge the wrastla, doing 10
skarre activates, advances and attacks the wrastler and kills it, and admonitions herself

His 3
barnabas advances and feats (awww!)

His wrastler charges and is out
snap jaw charges skarre...11 damage, then his tail kills her.



Well thoughts on the game:
I was going to bait his wrastlers in and kill them to stop his fury shenanigans, that didnt work very well though! Then I was stupid and forgot to pop Skarres feat to protect her, total noob mistake too!

Typical newbie mistake leaving my caster open. If i had popped my feat I would have then just killed what ever came at me and picked him apart with my infantry spam.

Hoped you enjoyed it! Feed back welcome.

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