Saturday, January 21, 2012

Unit Analysis: Doomsday Device (DDD) Part 1

So this week I wanted to talk about another unit I love. It’s the Doomsday Device. Now most of you may not have heard about it, I didn’t until I randomly got a pdf of it, and sequentially fell in love with it. As you may have guessed it is a Apocalypse unit, a super heavy in fact. It costs 400 points, has AV14 all around, and three structure points. It’s not a tank, and it doesn’t move. All you do is set it up during deployment and then wait for it to shoot.

So…what are its uses? Well for starters it’s only 400 points; pretty cheap when you think of other Apoc units. Now by itself you may not find it very useful. I mean, it is Apoc, and a single AV14 super heavy doesn’t really stand a chance. But with multiple of them you can decimate armies in every single shoting phase. You have the chance to do either Apoc Barrage (4) S8 AP3 Pinning anywhere you please, a single 72” S D AP2 Heavy D6, or D3+2 Apoc Blast S10 AP1 Pinning blast templates anywhere you want. Sound awesome? Yeah, that’s cause it is. Now there are a few downfalls, as there are in anything in life.

First off they don’t move, you deploy them at the start of the game and then sit and wait. This cuts down on your ability to ever get a better firing lane, so you gotta make sure to put it somewhere not too in the open but not too secluded either. In the end there is only one shot that you can get that you need los for, all the others are blast templates anywhere on the board. Second, they don’t automatically fire on turn one. Basically you roll a D6 and add the turn number to it, if the total is a 7 or higher it activates and all is fine and dandy, till then though it’s aggravating as hell. Third, once activated it can blow up in your face…literally. Besides rolling all those different awesome shooting attacks you also have the chance to either:

1 – Become a dud. Meaning its completely useless for the rest of the game.

2 – Add +1 to next turns roll. Not the worst, just sucks not shooting for a turn.

3 – Blowing up and everything within 6D6” takes a S8 AP3 hit. This just sucks, that’s it.

4 – Going nuclear. Now it doesn’t happen right away, but in your next turn everything within 6D6” is removed from the table. Terrain, models, objectives, you name it.

Lastly, and this is my favorite part, DDDs don’t explode, they can only become wrecks. Nay, instead of rolling on the Catastrophic Damage table you roll on the Chart of Devastation and get one last shot off. And you get to do this regardless of whether or not you’ve activated it. So in the end, if your opponent decides they’re gonna eliminate it turn 1 you’ll still have a chance to do something with it. Last game I played one of mine was destroyed by a Carifex, and then it took out an entire 10 man White Scar unit who was flanking me on the other side of the table.

So there you have it. The pros and cons for the doomsday device. I figured I’d write this part first just to give you all an intro into this awesome piece of chaos weaponry. I’ll be back soon to discuss the tactical uses for it, as well as my first modeling/WIP article cause I’m currently working of two, possibly three of these because I always take multiple in any Apoc game. So look forward to those in the next few weeks, hope this was insightful and if you have any questions feel free to ask/email me. Deuces.

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