Saturday, June 11, 2011

500 point campaign battle reports

first some pictures of the "buy one get one free" metal blister deal they had going, metal archon and succubus and 2 urien rackharths (there whole deldar stock ><)

first game against marines,  KP, spear head, got pain token drug roll, heres my warriors getting cover in the building with their anti tank poking out, see my raider there it turboed

heres how he deployed, libby and ten man (melta/missle) on hill flamer squad on left and normal on right

my raider hopped over the that terrain piece

and promptly assaulted him with wych death squad

hes down to two guys...and he holds! yes!

he pew pews ineffectually and i kill him in his assault (i now have 2 pain tokens as can be seen behind my squad)

over view (my raider flew back to the original position and the warriors moved slightly closer)

he split his libby to join the flamer squad, i then promptly assaulted him, killed the libby and three guys, they fled

i consolidate into cover, he walks up and flames me *gulp* FNP saves me and one wych gets burninated

he then charges (lolwut?)

i easily wipe the pair and consolidate towards his ten man squad, i then assault

kill 8, lose 2 he runs

i then hit him and kill him for the tabeling :)

second game, pitched KP this is our deployment

he shooms up 18 inches (19 with red paint)

i moved my raider over and imobed his one truck (they then pile out and ineffectually assault my raider) then he tank shocks my warriors but fails

raider moves up and wyches assault his truck and boom

he then assault my wyches and...

gets his orky crotch roflstomped in

i load the warriors into the raider and they fly back to the truck, his orks from the imobed truck assault my wychers, they die

i then kill his truck (theres like 25+ boys chasing me to the left)

who i promptly charge, i kill around 8 they kill 2

i kill more, he kills more

got knocked down to just my archon and the game ends, i won in KP

well, I also got a battle force today fleshing it out to 1k for thursday (my usual gaming night because i wont be able to make it on saturday for the campaign so im playing my games on thursday)


  1. Looks sweet! Sorry I missed it. I'm lovin ur deldar army! Keep the posts coming!!!

  2. Are you using Lelith or just using her model as a succubus? Either way well played, that SM player must've really felt some bad rolling. I was also surprised to see the Wyches faring well against orks! But I guess if they had Lelith they'd have no problem :D

    BTW good job getting the Urien Rakarth, they're one of the better DE models out there!