Tuesday, June 7, 2011

WIP pictures and a completed skink

to get you in the mood >_>

well, here is some pictures folks

Heres my ghetto set up of a light box (thats a picture from a Washington DC trip I went on)

WIP Ice Golem from Rasputinas crew

And heres the skink i did for a painting competition, the blending on the axe/club thingie isnt too good, oh well im better now :)

Also check the latest GW things

Mephiston looks awesome! The NMM captain is meh, too bright for me and corbulo looks like he has a chemical dependency issue

thats all for now, look for new WIP of astorath and my Dark Eldar

---edit i originally called the lizard thing a "skank" but its actually a skink >_>

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