Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finished first dark eldar (warrior Syrabite)

Well, here she is!

This is my first finished (non dog chewed on) dark Eldar model. I was aiming for a quick and efficient tabletop quality that I can go back and touch up (like I did at adepticon 11). I did some free hand on the armor to practice for the back banner, it didn't work as you can see :(. This one took me around 90 minutes, a good time. I have like 45+ infantry and 8 vehicles in my list (which I'll post tomorrow).

I love the results and it was a joy to paint, these models are crazy detailed, OH CRAP i forgot the blood! meh too tired ATM ill post the dirtied up blood added pictures along with my list tomorrow :)


  1. I'm digging it, it looks like a mix of my dire avengers and my girlfriend's tyranids. Kind of eerie. You should definitely base this bad boy though!

  2. Looks good julian. I'd agree with radical edward if I had any knowledge detailed painting! I feel special ^-^