Friday, June 10, 2011

Custom Raider base

Well, here is the lay out for all my raider/ravagers/other flying evil elf transports. My display board will be a large portal opened behind a ruined imperial sector  with dead guardsmen all over. I have also picked up some "Reaper Master Series" paints...and...all I can say is wow these are awesome! Also around 5 of my warriors are done. I have a 500 point campaign game(s) on Saturday I will post either awesome Video battle reports or pictures...yeah


(psst there will be snow on the bases too so it will cover up all the bad looking spots...expect blood all over too :D)


  1. Picture battle reports are good :) If you've ever read dashofpepper's battle reports he gives a lot of good tactical advice for Dark Eldar. Look forward to seeing the finished stuff :D

  2. Holy crap! Thank you so much for recommending dash I'm totally going to pull those tricks he uses on some unsuspecting club members :D